Town Council Special Meeting May 3, 2021

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1. Convening of meeting 00:00:00

2. Roll Call 00:00:20

3. Pledge of allegiance 00:00:44

4. Citizen comments on NON-agenda items 00:01:08

5. Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2022 Budget 00:01:33

General Fund (municipal and school) Special Funds

6. Motion to Schedule a Vote for General Fund 00:13:16

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council following the public hearing does hereby schedule a vote on the proposed fiscal year 2022 General Fund Budget (municipal and school) for the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine for Monday, May 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

7. Motion to Approve Special Revenue Fundds 00:15:05

The Cape Elizabeth Town Council having held a public hearing does hereby adopt the Municipal Special Revenue Funds expenditure budgets for Fiscal Year 2022 of $3,446,939; and estimated operating revenues of $2,725,236 and hereby adopts the revenue budget and gross appropriations for each listed fund as presented.

8. Citizen comment on NON-agenda items 00:18:13

9. Motion to Adjourn 00:18:32