Town Council Meeting April 12, 2021

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1-3 Meeting begins, roll call, pledge allegiance 00:00:05

4. Council Reports & Correspondence 00:01:07

5. Finance Committee Report 00:02:16

Jeremy Gabrielson

6. Opportunity for Public Comment 00:03:35

7. Town Manager Monthly Report 00:04:15

Additional information from Chair Gabrielson 00:06:55

8. Review of Draft Minutes 3-8-2021 00:08:59

9. Consent Calendar Item #62-2021 - Item #66-2021 00:10:00

Motion for items 62; 63; and 66-2021 ONLY 00:12:38

Items 64 - and 65-2021 were removed from the consent calendar

Item #64 and 65-2021 Overviews 00:13:38

Short Term General Fund Borrowing: Finance Director John Quartararo is recommending the Town Council consider a policy which will allow the Town to provide short-term financing for bond projects from the General Fund using inter-funds loans until other financing is arranged. The other financing may be a bond anticipation note or a bond issue. School Construction Bond Order -- The School Board is requesting the Town Council authorize a bond order in the amount of $300,000 to pay for the development of a concept design for the construction of the Pond Cove/Middle School.

Motion to refer 64-2021 to workshop 00:34:45

65-2021 00:37:00

15. #54-2021 Ad Hoc Civil Rights Committee 01:11:08

Tabled from March 8, 2021 recommendations of the ad-hoc Civil Rights Committee.

16. #42-2021 STR Tabled from March 8, 2021 01:36:40

A public hearing on Short Term Rental Amendments was held on February 8, 2021. The town council voted to table the vote until March 8. On March 8, amendments to the proposed amendments were approved however the council voted to table the vote on the amended motion to the April 12 town council meeting in order for the changes to be written into the draft for a final vote.

Opportunity for Public Comment on STR 01:37:17

Town Council discussion on STR 01:40:54

Vote on amendments 02:27:55

18. 67-2021 Public comment on FY22 budget 02:36:50

18. 68-2021 Request for Wksp on Short-Cut Roads 02:38:05

At the February 8, 2021 town council meeting, Councilor Gabrielson noted correspondence he received from the Board of the Cottage Brook Condominium Association asking for a review of the gate at Aster Lane. It was a consensus that the matter be scheduled to a future town council workshop.

19. #69-2021 Unassigned funds/Comm. Tower 02:42:51

Staff is recommending $45,000 be appropriated from the unassigned fund balance to offset the difference in the cost ($418,128) and budgeted amount ($375,000) for the communications tower project. The difference follows value engineering and savings within the current year budget.

20. #70-2021 CMP Agreement for LED 02:47:29

The Town of Cape Elizabeth currently has 361 street lights that operate at an annual cost of $57,940. The new LED lights would operate at an estimated annual cost of $40,162. Central Maine Power would convert the lights at a $0 cost to the Town. The conversion project would begin this summer, with an anticipated start in July. The conversion to LED is a cost savings and addresses several town council goals.

21. Public Comment on non-agenda items 02:51:01

23. Adjourn 02:52:00