School Board November 10, 2020

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I. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:00

II. Adjustments to the Agenda 00:02:22

III. Comments from Public on Agenda Items 00:03:40

IV. Comments from Student Representatives 00:06:26

V. Administrative Reports A. Principals 00:10:54

Jason Manjourides, Principal of Pond Cove Elementary School

V. A. Principals 00:15:17

Troy Eastman, Principal of Cape Elizabeth Middle School

V. A. Principals 00:23:15

Jeff Shedd Principal of Cape Elizabeth High School

V. B. Business Manager 00:42:43

Marcia Weeks

V. C. Director of Teaching and Learning 00:47:04

Cathy Stankard

V. D. Director of Special Services 00:50:42

Del Peavey

V. E. Superintendent 00:56:51

Donna Wolfrom

VI. New Business - A. 01:18:36

Consideration and action to approve the 2020-2021 administrative personnel & extracurricular nominations.

VI. B. Consider approval anti-racism statement 01:20:44

School Board statement in support of anti-racism and inequality

VI. C. Notification of Retirement 01:25:03

Arlene Rochefort, Human Resources Coordinator

VII. Second Reading of Policies: A. ACAD 01:26:22

B. JICK 01:28:20

C. Procedure JICK-R 01:30:03

D. IJNDB and E. Procedure IJNDB-R 01:30:42

VIII. First Reading of Policy GCMA 01:32:30

IX. School Board Agenda Requests 01:33:45

X. Committee Reports 01:33:50

A. PATHS – Heather/ Nasir B. Policy – Hope C. DEI – Heather D. School Building Committee – Heather E. MSBA Resolution Report - Phil

XI. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings 01:40:40

XII. Adjournment 02:10:00